Monday, July 4, 2011

The Mindnumbing Cuteness of Ezra

Ezra has so many layers of cute that you can't possibly fathom them all and remain sane. Over the past few months we've managed to compile a collection of the many cute things he does...

He recently discovered that he can climb the stairs...and does so at every possible opportunity! We have to watch him like a hawk.

"Does this diaper make my butt look big?"

"I have GOT to get to the gym."

Back in May, he got sick for the first time. He was so pitiful. It's always painful to see your child going through something like a stomach bug.

"I'm sick, mommy. Hold me."

"Tickle my back!"
In an effort to keep him occupied one day, Rebecca gave him a bowl of ice to play with. He thought that was the greatest thing ever! He would take each cube out of the bowl and then put them all back in.

While it's not really "cute," he has a tendency to wail when he goes down for a nap in the afternoon. One day in particular, he was especially upset and when he finally fell asleep we kept hearing a noise from his room...

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