Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A Walk by the Lake

We had a free afternoon on a pretty day, so we took a walk in the woods along Lake Townsend.

  The kids love to stop and throw stick in the water or just try to poke things they can see.

 Along the trail, there's this huge pair of trees that was blown down at some point and hang over the trail. Ezra's a brave kid to walk all the way out there like it's just an inch off the ground.
 He even jumped from one tree to the other!
 Irene wanted to do it, too, but I was too chicken to let her. :)
 Gabe found a neat hiding spot among some pine branches.
 Olivia ran way ahead, but we eventually caught up to her.

 Ezra has a fascination with sticks and the imagination to make them into whatever he wants. This one's a flintlock musket.

 We stopped for a few minutes to let them play with sticks in the mud again. :)

 It's a pretty long walk, so by the time we were headed back, a couple of them were getting grumpy. *cough* EZRA*cough*
 He decided he'd rather mope in the background than be in the picture... but wait... where's Irene?
 Oh yeah. She's grumpy, too.

 When we were back to the fallen trees, Ezra was a little too brave when he walked out on a branch. I made sure to get a picture before a ran in to save him from falling.
 Gabe was no slouch, either, when it came to bravery.