Sunday, August 25, 2013

"Look! I made an airplane!"

If there's one thing Ezra loves, it's airplanes. He finds anything he can to make an airplane out of and flies it around the house.  

Those are big clips and a paintbrush. He figured that out all on his own. 

Friday, August 16, 2013

More Irene

As the days go by, it seems like Irene changes each and every one of them. She's alert, playful, loves to smile and even laugh. She lights up when she sees her Mama. 

Cousin Rooney loves her younger cousin.

Figuring out raspberries with Mama.

Sometimes, this is the only way to carry her...

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Olivia's favorite pastime

Whenever Olivia has free time, this is what we find her doing. Certainly not a bad way to whittle away the afternoon. :)

That's her math book. She actually reads some of her school books for entertainment. I guess that speaks to how well they are written. :)

Yes, seriously. In a tree. If there were a way to take the dogwood when we move, I would consider it.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Colorado Leftovers

Somehow, I missed posting about our drive up to Loveland Pass! We decided it would be fun to combine it with some stargazing, so we left Denver at around 7:00 and made our way up I-70. What is always amazing to me the temperature difference once you head up into the mountains. When we left Denver, it was 85 degrees. When we got to Loveland Pass two hours later, it was 45! Now sure, some of that is from the sun going down, but a lot of it is just from the altitude difference. 

As you can see, Loveland is at just shy of 12,000 feet. We "low-landers" had a little trouble climbing the stairs due to the lack of oxygen. :)

They were trying to stargaze, but the flash was too bright.

Not 100 yards from where we parked was a good-sized snowfield. Olivia is a little over 4 feet tall, so there's more than 5 feet still up there!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Colorado Trip, Part 9

Sadly, like all trips, this one had to end. We had such a wonderful time seeing people we love and being in a place we sometimes wish was still our home. I think the best part for the kids was making new friends. When we weren't out seeing the sights or taking hikes, they were in the yard bouncing on the trampoline or inside playing with Legos or playing "school". They've asked a few times when we'll get to go back to see Will, Katrina, Trinity, Anthony, Tyler, Paige, and Josiah. We really hope it won't be 6 more years. We'd like to plan it to be an every-other-summer trip!

Sunrise on the morning we left. Sadly, we had to head into it...

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Colorado Trip, Part 8

One of the biggest celebrations of the year for the Becker Family is the 4th of July. They really go all out! They have their own parade through the neighborhood, games, prizes, food and tons of fun.
We started the morning off with a patriotic breakfast.

Then it was time to decorate ourselves and various vehicles for the parade

The parade leaving the house. All the kids rode bikes, scooters wagons or strollers. Dave drove his blue Nissan to lead the parade.

Emma got helped along in her decorated stroller by family-friend, Emily.

The boys got towed in a wagon.

Emma, who has been going through a "stranger danger" phase, took just fine to Emily. 

The kids got to whack a piƱata. 

Then, they dug in a pile of sawdust to find coins, candy and toys. 

Even Irene got into the spirit!