Sunday, August 4, 2013

Colorado Trip, Part 8

One of the biggest celebrations of the year for the Becker Family is the 4th of July. They really go all out! They have their own parade through the neighborhood, games, prizes, food and tons of fun.
We started the morning off with a patriotic breakfast.

Then it was time to decorate ourselves and various vehicles for the parade

The parade leaving the house. All the kids rode bikes, scooters wagons or strollers. Dave drove his blue Nissan to lead the parade.

Emma got helped along in her decorated stroller by family-friend, Emily.

The boys got towed in a wagon.

Emma, who has been going through a "stranger danger" phase, took just fine to Emily. 

The kids got to whack a piƱata. 

Then, they dug in a pile of sawdust to find coins, candy and toys. 

Even Irene got into the spirit!

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