Monday, February 22, 2016

Lego Expo!

 So we surprised the kids with a trip to Charlotte to attend the Lego Expo! They had no idea what was going on. They just thought it was fun to ride the escalators in the convention center. 
 But then they saw it...
 There were all kinds of awesome Lego sculptures.

 I can't even imagine how long it took to build some of them.

 The floor was divided into a bunch of areas, each highlighting a particular branch of Legos. The first place we stopped was the Mixels ares. The kids have ever seen the show, but we had bought them each a few when we drove to New York last summer. 
 They had all kinds of bins available for them to build their own creations.

 And then they had a display case to put them all in. 
 We found Emmet and Lucy form the Lego Movie.
 Another area was a race car building and test track. They had all the pieces you could want to build your own car and then race it down a ramp.

 They had a few challenge areas where you had to build something and you could earn a prize.
 They were given the task of building a bridge to span a set of pillars.
They had 5 minutes to complete it. 

 They worked together to build it as strong as they could.

The finished product.
 The watched as other teams had theirs tested.
 And then it was their turn.
 It held itself up...
 They added 5 lbs to it...10 lbs...

While I was with the Bigs doing that, Rebecca took the Littles to the Duplo area, where they had all the blocks they could possibly want.

 In the middle, they had a huge pile of just random bricks for free play. Irene liked doing a Godzilla on the pile and just stomping around like it was Tokyo.
 The last thing we did was a family challenge where we had 2 minutes to build something from the booklet on the table. 
 Sadly, the flamingo we attempted wasn't much more than legs, but we still got prizes. :)

In all each of the kids walked out with 4 or 5 mini Lego sets as prizes.
 The next morning, they put some of them together.
Irene loved this kitty that they got. 
Gabe got a Spiderman with a robot spider. Everyone got a little street cleaner. 
They also go a Lego Friends stage with TV camera. 

And some of them got helicopters. 

Since we're on the topic of Legos, these are a few of the recent creations.
Olivia created a very elaborate house.
 There was a piano
a kitchen
and a computer desk, not to mention a bed, living room and fireplace.
 Gabe made a littel playground to go with it. He had a slide, a merry-go-round, a sandbox, and some swings.

 Ezra continues his fascination with all things plane related.
 These are his minijets, Yellow Face, Dark Face and Fire Face.
And Gabe made an RV of sorts. 
Not exactly the roomiest on the market, but it gets the job done. :)