Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Olivia

Oh my! I can't believe Olivia is 5. She was very excited about this birthday and kept reminding us each day as it drew closer "so we wouldn't forget". :) Don't worry, we didn't. The weekend started with a delivery of balloons from her Aunt DD and Uncle Rudy. She also received more balloons on the morning of her birthday from us. Olivia loves balloons! She got to take a friend to the local bounce place on Saturday morning. She got some sort of stomach bug after lunch that day but still had a good time. We stopped by a store dedicated to Hello Kitty at a mall nearby. By Sunday morning, her actual birthday, she seemed to have recovered pretty well, although her stamina isn't quite back even this afternoon.

Here is our Birthday Princess on her special morning. Be sure and check out our Princess lapbook in the previous post. We had a special breakfast of her choice, cinnamon rolls and yogurt drinks. Grandma and Grandpa drove up for the day. Our church family sang Happy Birthday to her and she enjoyed a pink cupcake (also per her request). Then she chose for us to go to Red Robin for lunch. There we met up with Nana, Pop-pop, and Uncle Greg.

And here is Hello Kitty. After lunch we went to Build a Bear to make her. Seems they are retiring this particular Hello Kitty and this was the last one on the shelf. Mommy and Daddy got very nervous there for a minute. :/ The story is that she wanted this kitty back at Christmas time but they had pulled her off the shelf for several weeks then. Thank you God for having one still waiting there for her. Then we came back to the house with Grandma and Grandpa to open a few more presents. Whew, what a day! Its been fun!

Princess Lapbook

Our Princess turns 5 today! She has an amazing personality; so obedient, kind, and loving. She enjoys laughter and smiles a ton. We have spent some time talking about how precious and loved she is by those of us who know her as well as her God, the King. And being her daughter makes her a princess. She will be loved by Him no matter what. We then spent a lot of time talking about what a princess does, how she acts and why. As the daughter of the King, she represents him to others around her. She is display the fruits of the Spirit, the characteristics of Love, to keep God's Word in her heart, and to display the character qualities that he admires. We also talked a very little bit about modesty.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Lapbook

Here is Olivia's Easter Lapbook. We had a great couple of weeks leading up to easter reading the events of that time out of the bible and then learning about it more with our other books. We also did some special activities at home, like daily activities to get us excited about Easter and nightly devotions, a Palm Sunday parade, Passover meal/celebration, and then a family picnic/worship service on Easter morning. We did paint easter eggs this year and the kids got to go to an Easter egg hunt where Olivia passed up tons of eggs around her looking for a pink egg. :) We also got to enjoy seeing some extended family over the Easter weekend, including her cousin. I will post some of those pictures next time. We had a very blessed Easter!