Sunday, July 24, 2011

Adirondack Adventures, Part 1

This summer, we were blessed to be able to go back up to Fenton's Camp on Lake Eaton in upstate NY. It was a wonderful time! :) The weather was beautiful, the lake was warm (enough) to swim in and the kids had a blast! over the next few posts, we'll show some pics and share some adventures we had in the short week we were there.

Olivia settled right into the camp routine.

Ezra tried to, but didn't quite understand that you don't have to move every second of the day.

The kids wasted no time at all getting into the lake.

Well, Gabe wasted a little time... the water was a bit chilly when you first got in.

An evening canoe trip with the whole family.

Riding "horses" in the yard.
Roasting marshmallows.

There were dragonflies a-plenty this year and we managed to inadvertently trap one in my tackle box, where it died.
Olivia got to study it up close and see the details of its wings, eyes and body.

There's nothing quite so pretty as a sunrise over the mountains amd lake.

I can't remember the last year that we saw and heard the loons so much.

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