Saturday, July 30, 2011

Adirondack Adventures, Part 6 - Canoeing Lake Eaton and Blueberries

On our last full day at Camp, Rebecca suggested we take a canoe ride...around the whole lake. All 4+ miles of shoreline. In gale-force winds. And blazing hot sunshine. Actually, I readily agreed and we were on our way. We planned it so that we would stop 2 or 3 times as we went around the lake and swim for a little bit to cool off. While it was windy, that just helped offset the hot sunshine. The kids had fun riding in the middle of the canoe and seeing the different places around the lake. We found the spring running into the lake, looked at the inlets and the outlet, and stopped at several places to swim as we made out way around the lake.

Swim break halfway around the lake

The water was slightly chilly, but it did feel good to get in after all that paddling.

The water in Lake Eaton is so clear, you can see the bottom in nearly 20 feet of water.

Around in the inlet, there were bunches of beautiful water lilies. we learned the previous day that water lilies are like nature's clock: they slowly open throughout the moring, are fully open at noon and slowly close through the afternoon. We guessed (rightly!) that it was right around noon.

We stopped about 3/4 of the way around to pick wild blueberries. The kids grabbed about two large handfuls of them and promptly scarfed them down!

there were enough that it was fairly easy for the kids to find them on their own. Wild blueberries are considerably smaller than farm-grown and aren't nearly so plentiful on the bushes, so unless you time the season right, you can be hard-pressed to find many ripe berries.

On the home stretch. Wow, what a trip.

After a bath in the lake and a short rest, Rebecca showed Olivia where there were blueberries growing right next to Camp.

She spent about an hour out there picking and eating more berries. The amazing thing was that there were still lots of green berries on the bushes, so whoever is up there now should be finding quite a few themselves!


Dick and Sherry said...

Great chronicle of your vacation!

Christina said...

Thanks for sharing, I miss that place!!!