Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Summer Day

Friends of ours have a great trail with a creek access near us. They shared the adventure with us on a hot day when I did not bring the camera. It was fun! Then we took Daddy back another day to show him. He did brave the camera so here are a few pictures (albeit, some are a bit blurry but then, we were riding bikes and JR managed not to crash so what can we say. :) )

Headed down the trail. Olivia has really gotten stronger this year and is doing well riding her bike.

A stop at the creek to play a bit. Gabe was the first to head right down into the water. He really enjoyed splashing and tossing pebbles.

Then everyone joined in the fun and got in the water. They were all soaked by the time we were done. But it sure was fun! Ezra wasn't sure at first how he felt about putting his feet and hands down in the water and touching the sand but he quickly progressed to trying to eat the rocks and then crawling all around to explore.

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Lacey said...

that's awesome. Naomi LOVES riding her bike this year--we've even shed the training wheels! She feels so liberated...that creek looks very refreshing.