Wednesday, July 6, 2011

City Park and Fireworks at Jesse's

This year, as last, one of the things we did to celebrate the Fourth of July by going to Burlington's City Park, followed by a fireworks display at JR's friend, Jesse's house.

City Park is always a fun time for the kids, with the rides and carousel.

This is a 101 year old restored Denzel Carousel with a custom made pipe organ.

Fireworks at Jesse's is quite the event, with about 250 people gathering on the lawn to watch Jesse light off one of the most impressive homemade displays. Not to mention the homemade ice cream, brownies, cookies and, this year, snow cones!

Olivia and Gabe managed to talk some stranger into throwing a football around with them.

Ezra, who is not timid in the least, didn't know what to think about the fireworks. He never really got upset but he moved back and forth between JR's arms, my arms (holding onto my neck very tightly or having me wrap him up in a blanket) and then onto the blanket where the kids were laying. He would crawl all over Olivia and Gabe, even standing up and throwing himself down on them. Gabe, far more timid by nature, did really well this year. He and Olivia laid curled up in blankets watching the display. Between each round, Gabe would get up and come sit in my lap. There he would ask me to pray with him to help him not be scared.

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