Monday, July 25, 2011

Adirondack Adventures, Part 2 - Fishing Fun

Ever since Olivia heard we were going to Camp, she started asking, "Will we go fishing while we're there?" It seems she caught the fishing bug the last time and has held onto it for 2 years! Well, she's got it bad now... Lake Eaton is great for kid fishing because the lake is heavily populated with Pumpkinseed Sunfish or "Sunnies." Anyone who has ever fished for Sunnies will tell you, they're dumber than dirt and willing to go after anything that vaguely resembles food.
Proud fisherwoman

Gabe wanted to try, but didn't really want to hold the pole, so I held it while he coached. "Catch that one!"

Even mommy got into the action, helping Olivia release one of her many catches.

Ezra just wanted to touch that flippy floppy thing.

Olivia wanted to go fishing so badly, she was willing to get up at 5:30am to go with me.  She proved that Sunnies never sleep.

I told her to hold her worm about 2 inches above the water and watch carefully.

Within seconds, the Sunny jumped clear out of the water to grab the hook.

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