Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pool fun!

We took the kids out to Nana and Pop-pop's neighborhood pool and had a great time. The kids just love getting in the pool; playing and swimming. Olivia keeps getting more and more comfortable in the water. This time, we put her goggles on her and she would swim with her face underwater and do a rolling "dive" into the pool.

Gabe was just having a good time swimming back and forth from the stairs to the "bench" that runs along the edge of the pool and throwing toys for daddy to catch and bring back like a faithful hound.

Ezra would sit in his float and giggle at mommy and daddy, and then try to climb out of the float, only to be thwarted by getting a faceful of pool. We finally were able to distract him from his escape attempts by giving him a net with a toy twisted up in it. He would spend minutes at a time figuring out how to get the starfish or turtle out of the net.

It's so much fun watching the kids play and splash in the pool. Almost makes me wish we had one.


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