Monday, June 27, 2011

Giving Thanks to Change a Moment

So I was in one of those situations where i was really stressed out by what was going on. I just wanted to cry. I couldn't understand it or figure out how to make it better. I am sure this is not new to you. Actually, I am sure that many people go through much tougher times than me. I am blessed. But even so, sometimes, my mood or a situation gets the best of me. It drags me down. Well, giving thanks, numbering those blessings in the moment, that helps turn things around. It gives it a whole new perspective. I didn't really come away with answers but it sure did change the scenery in my situation.

So here I will number a few more of the Thousand Endless Gifts #493-509:
*a hard conversation, but better than before
*feeling so sick, thankful for the gift growing inside me
*hearing and knowing and admitting that i am inadequate
*feeling powerless
*praying hard, thankful for a God who listens and hears and understands
*lessons in friendship and compassion
*knowing that i will continue to learn, it wasn't one shot and its over
*being able to call on the God of the universe for wisdom
*the desire to reach out and help, to love
*my daddy, my grandfather
*an early morning walk with a baby who wouldn't sleep on my back
*writing a journal for Ezra, trying to be honest and stay as positive as possible, that i love them no matter what stage we are in
*the guys that we serve downtown, their desire to give smiles and laughter to my children
*long weekends, the strength to endure
*nights that are long and hard, sleep that isn't restful
*this homeschool journey, so many lessons
*that God is my friend and brother, that God can teach me to be a friend and brother, the deep desire

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