Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Shavuot Sameach

We are learning more and more about our Hebrew roots. In the Torah, God commanded that the people keeps certain feasts and festivals to remember his mighty acts. Understanding the Torah, and specifically keeping the feasts and festivals can enrich our understanding of our Hebrew God, Messiah, our Hebrew scriptures and the process of redemption. So starting last night, we are celebrating Shavuot. Shavuot is fifty days after the Passover and is part of the spring holidays celebrating freedom from bondage (salvation). Shavuot is when God gave the Ten Commandments to the Hebrew people. He made covenant with them, declaring them his people. And he took a people that were wandering aimlessly in the desert and gave them the Torah so that they could find their way to God, to the promise land. Then years later, Messiah was given as the fullfillment or culmination of this law. He is the way to God. And as the believers were gathered on Shavuot, the gift of the Helper, the Holy Spirit, came down on these men. God, living in us, writing Torah on our hearts, showing us the way, helping us know the Torah made flesh. God made a convenant with us, declaring us his people. I am blessed to be grafted in this covenant.

When there was a temple, two of the priestly rituals were to wave two loaves of bread (representing Jew and Gentile) and offering peace sacrifices, both fullfilled in the Messiah Yeshua. What a beautiful picture! Also among the Jewish traditions for this celebration, is the reading of the book of Ruth. This book took place during the spring harvest time and is a beautiful picture of God's acceptance of a Gentile and her willingness to make "your people my people". She was not only accepted into the people of God but became part of the Messianic line. There is lots more wonderful information out there. Here is just one of the places I found helpful, and

We enjoyed fellowship and a potluck at the park with some friends last night. For the kids, we talked about the meaning of Shavuot, went over the Ten Commandents, and the blessings listed in Leviticus for following Torah. The kids also enjoyed a general good time at the park. :)

Ezra is most happy being worn these days. He is crawling and will play on his own well, but in an environment like this park, he is just apt to get into mischief or beg to be held. The Ergo is wonderful for carrying him but it can be really hot too. JR took a turn at carrying him for me in the heat last evening.

We went a little early and enjoyed the last few minutes of the sprayground before our gathering. Olivia loved it.

Gabe did not think too highly of the sprayground.

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Kallie said...

We are so glad you guys came! It was a fun evening in the park...lots of little people:)