Friday, April 29, 2011

Birds at Night

We took a walk one evening and on the way back home, we passed a couple of bluebird houses in the park. I had read that you could walk up to them, give a gentle knock on the side so you don't startle the bird inside and then open the front of the house very slowly and they usually won't fly away. Sure enough, it worked! In the 2 houses we passed, there were birds in each one.

This was the first house. It's hard to tell what kind of bird it is when all you can see is the head.

This one had a rather tidy little nest that was packed down in the cardboard cup that was provided for it.

This second house had a different type of bird with a more cluttered nest. This picture came out blurry, but the bird was startled and flew off before we could get another one. However, that gave us the chance to look for eggs.
Sure enough, there wew 2 of them nestled in the bottom.

We also discovered that we have a small nest in the corner of the awning on our screen porch.

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Lacey said...

that is so cool! i never heard of such a thing!