Friday, April 1, 2011

Popeye, Part 2

Well, in true Sarine boy fashion, we "threatened" Ezra with a doctor's visit to have his clogged tear duct blown out and it promptly cleared up (like the next day!). :) It has been clear for almost a month now. We praise God for his clear eye. The call was made to cancel his doctor's appt last Friday. What a good feeling that was.

Of course, we can't pull out the camera to take a picture of one child without getting
a couple of the other two. :)

Do you want to know what his favorite food is? See-food!


Becca said...

that was definitely posted by Jeremy! I don't think i would take or post a picture of Gabe like that! ;)

Lacey said...

those are adorable shots! & I'm so glad his eye thing worked out--what a trial those things can be...