Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Olivia's Art Show 3

We invite you in for another sampling of Olivia's Artwork. Look around and enjoy! :)

This is a lion. She used her fingers to "pull" the lion figure out of a rolled piece of clay.

A mosaic of a dancer.

We used a chalk covered string to put a grid on this paper. Then Olivia drew her school table and herself reading a book.

A face in clay, using multiple pieces of clay.

A silhouette of herself.

A horse and a dinosaur out of one piece of clay.

Clay pots. She is watching a balloon fly away on one of the pots. The other is of herself bouncing a ball and fishing. (per the artist. :))

Olivia has been doing paper dolls. These are a few she's done lately.
Another attempt at stained glass


Kallie said...

I love her artwork- the self portrait is amazing.

Gadzooks + Jessica said...

Awesome artwork! x