Friday, April 22, 2011

Building Confidence

My dad took Olivia and I to an indoor climbing place. He belayed while O and I took turns climbing. We had a blast! It is such a confidence booster. At the top of each climb, there is a bar (it is what the rope is tied to). Olivia and I both touched multiple bars. I think Olivia's count was 6 times. It is such a confidence booster. It was not easy. I had not climbed in a long time and even then, only maybe once or twice. Olivia had never climbed. She was a little nervous the first few times but kept at it. I watched as her legs and arms shook. It is wonderful to do something hard and eventually accomplish your goal. I was really proud of her. It was a great experience for me too. I like the workout and working through my fears. We struggled, laughed and learned lots of perservence.

Now for Olivia's take on the day:
"Well, when we first got there I was like 'wow, this is pretty scary' but then I was okay. First I had to put on this thing that went...well, it was like underwear, but it wasn't underwear. and it had a loop at the front where they hooked on a rope and squeezed the knot to make sure it wasn't loose. It wasn't loose every time! So I climbed all the way to the top and even touched the top bar a couple of times. Then I came down by putting my feet on the wall and walking backwards down the wall. It was fun!"

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