Thursday, April 28, 2011

Horse Behavior

We observed some interesting things about the horses while we were home. They turn their ears in the directions they are listening and they can listen in two directions at once it seems.

The colt wanted to nurse as soon as the mare tried to take a drink. And I noticed that the colt was using some of his new teeth on the mare. (I know what that feels like; poor mama!) And he stomped all over her hay while she was trying to eat. I guess horse babies are intrusive like humans. :) (I say that with all the mother love in the world.)

Grandma gave Olivia some lessons on tack and horse grooming. Olivia doesn't really have the strength to clean the horses well but she tried. She said it was hard work. :) Just wait until for another year or so when Grandma and Grandpa really put her to work and maybe do a horse camp for her. :)

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