Monday, May 2, 2011

It Starts With Me

If I want my kids to use selfcontrol, I must use selfcontrol.
If I want my kids to use soft words, I must use soft words.
If I want my kids to have a happy heart, I must have a happy heart.
If I want my kids to honor their dad, I must honor their dad.
If I want my kids to perservere, I must perservere.
If I want my kids to seek time with God, I must seek time with God.
If I want my kids to use their time wisely, I must use my time wisely.
If I want my kids to think of others first, I must think of others first.
If I want my kids to be content, I must be content.
If I want my kids to be grateful, I must be grateful.
If I want my kids to think of things eternal and meaningful, I must think on these things.

There. I said it out loud. Now I am held to it. Through Christ's strength I can do it.

#364-384 of the Thousand Endless Blessings
*spring turning to summer evenings
*windows open, breezes blowing
*a 6th birthday
*bringing smiles to those around us, saying hello to anyone
*bowling with family
*a last minute picnic and blessing, a megaphone of honor
*just the little things that make one feel special
*a sweet child of my co-worker, Jack, born a week after Ezra, and his joyful and faithful family; making sacrifices for the little ones God has entrusted; knowing God has an amazing plan for them and that God is walking beside them
*working hard
*understanding God's love for this earth and all that is in it; desiring to do my part
*a beautiful and amazing glimpse into God's design and seeing the kids excitement
*tonight I could have drank the same water that was in the Garden of Eden and that Jesus drank at some point while he was on earth--wow!
*a long productive day
*being HOME on call when I was sure I wouldn't be
*coworkers that run to my rescue
*the lesson above
*change that keeps me from having idols before God
*my crazy emotions
*returning to the Torah
*good quotes I read this week from Lysa Terkeurst: "In the moment of temptation, I realized that having a pity party was a clue that I was relying on my own strength, a strength that has failed me before and will fail me again." and "Invite God's power into the situation." and "Weakness is hard, but weakness doesn't have to mean defeat. It is my opportunity to experience God's power first hand." and "Resisting temptation allowed promise upon promise to be built up in my heart, and that creates empowerment."
*saying "this is unfair" but not leaving it there.

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Kallie said...

Thank you sooooo much for writing this. I needed to hear it today more than ever. Everything you said was right elder lady at Family Week told me that, as parents, we are the running commentary on life for our children and how we interpret things and react to situations is how they are going to act. I just want to get it right... for their sake and mine. Also, returning to Torah...NICE:) sounds exciting:)