Thursday, May 19, 2011

Welcome to North Carolina Max and Vivi Dunlap!

My SIL, her hubby, and my twin niece and nephew arrived this week. It has been wonderful getting to be with them. It is funny. We have talked via skype some and of course now pictures are so prominent (facebook, blogs, etc) that I didn't quite feel like it was the first time I was getting to really meet them. But nothing is a substitute for being able to hold them, talk to them, and get them to smile.

The Cousins have really enjoyed playing with one another so far. Gabe is really sweet to them, giving them kisses and toys. Olivia gets them both smiling. She says that Vivi is her favorite. (She would love a sister.) Ezra mainly plays quietly alongside them. Both Olivia and Gabe try to help with giving them bottles.

Now if my other niece and nephew and their parents would hurry up and join us!!! :)

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