Sunday, July 13, 2014

Colorado 2014 - Rifle Falls

Like last year, we took a trip out to Colorado to see friends and have fun. The kids were extremely excited when we told them we were going again and we looking forward to seeing the Deering/Becker/Ginsberg clan again. After a long 2-day drive out there, the first thing we did was repack the car and go camping for a couple of days. 
We "kidnapped" Jamie and her kids and went out to Glenwood Springs for our first night. Our plan was to do the Hanging Lake hike and go from there to Grand Lake (near Granby and the Rock Mountain National Park) where Jamie's sister and family were staying for a few days. Unfortunately, the parking lot filled up before we could get to the Hanging Lake trailhead and so we were forced to find something else to do. We decided to drive about 30 minutes further west to Rifle Falls State Park. Rebecca and I had been there many years before, when we first moved to Colorado, but we hadn't been back since.
It was just like we remembered it! The falls were gorgeous and the caves were fun for the kids to explore. 

 The loop hike around the park offered some stunning views of the valley and the falls from above.

Gabe got a little tired, so Trinity helped him out. 
 The wildflowers growing around the area were just stunning!

 After the hike, the kids decided to get in the creek for a swim.
 Ezra didn't last long, tho. That water was cold!
But you can always count on him to recover quickly and lighten the mood.

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Look like so much fun!