Friday, June 27, 2014

Big Girls

Looking so grown up these days. She has gained a lot of independence recently. She now gets up and down from the table by herself. And she is in that stage where she hardly eats some meals. She has become very verbal. She loves to show us things and tell us about them. She went up to Rebecca the other day and said so clearly, "I love you Mommy." 
She is calling out the window to her siblings as they ride past on their bikes. "O Liv EE ah" She enunciates all the syllables so clearly.

This one is getting big, too. She likes to feed herself. Or at least to smear the food everywhere. :) She can get rather loud and demanding when she wants attention. And more and more the last few weeks, he sounds have become more like actual words. 

Pulling up. She still mostly scoots around but she is really gaining speed. And pulling up more and more. She takes some naps in Emma's crib. At night she is still in our room. Soon we will move Emma out of the crib and try putting all three girls in the room together.  

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