Tuesday, June 10, 2014

John's Run 4 Kids 2014

For the second year, the kids ran in the 1-mile John's Run 4 Kids race through downtown Greensboro. 

They were all very excited about running, even Ezra who backed out last year because he was scared after the first obstacle. 

Olivia went first. While the course was the same this year, the obstacles were a little different.

First, it was weaving through the gates

Then over hurdles

and under the bars

through the Cultural Arts Center
Under the netting

through the tires

Past the library
into the Children's museum
up and down the Airplane slide
Push through the hanging barrels
run through the construction barrels
through the streamers
under another net
and across the line! 

She really wanted to beat her time from last year but wasn't quite as fast. However, she knows it's really just about finishing.

The boys were up next.

Ezra was off like a shot!

and Gabe was close behind him.

Ezra took a tumble and Gabe caught up.
Though it wasn't long before he was out in front again.

I kept having to hold him up so he wouldn't tire himself out too early and so that we could wait for Gabe to catch up.

Ezra decided to pass on the tires, so we went to end of them and cheered Gabe on.

After that, Gabe took the lead and stayed there.

By the last net, Ezra was pretty tired and decided just to walk instead of crawling.

They all did such a great job running their races and we are so proud of each of them for making it to the end!

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