Sunday, July 27, 2014

Colorado 2014 - July 4th

If there's anyone who does the 4th of July right, it's the Beckers. They go all out every year with food, games, decorating and dressing up. This year was no exception. 

 The food was over the top!

 Everyone dressed in red, white and blue.

 We played a couple games of volleyball.

 The kids had a potato sack race.
 They walked on "stilts".

 One of the big highlights was digging through the sawdust pile to find prizes and coins.

There was a pi├▒ata filled with candy for the kids to work out their aggression on.

 They did a scavenger hunt.
 And to cap the day off, they decorated their bicycles and rode in their own parade, led by Dave in his blue Nissan Z.

Everyone had such a wonderful day celebrating the birth of our great nation. It will be hard to come up with something to do next year if we aren't out there with them. 

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