Monday, July 21, 2014

Colorado 2014 - Castlewood Canyon and Dam

Last year, we "discovered" Castlewood Canyon and were so excited about it that we went again this year. It's such a fun hike, regardless of which side of the park you do. Of course, we did both sides again, but this particular post is about the hike up the Dam side of the park. Jamie was working that day, so we took her 4 kids and ours into the park for the hike. We tried using our new bike trailer/stroller for a little while, but the trail was just too rocky for the wide wheelbase to fit through, so we parked it on the side and picked it up on the way back.

The dam collapsed in 1933, causing a huge flood all the way to Downtown Denver, about 40 miles away

Emma being a big girl.

 The kids all love climbing into the spillway pipe.

   The dam is really cool and doesn't take long to get to, but the big bonus for the kids is splashing in the creek on the way back.

Irene wasn't too keen on the cold water.
 She much preferred the rocks.

 The kids found a big crayfish to play with.

 This time of year has some very pretty thistles in bloom. Eeyore would be thrilled. Well, as thrilled as Eeyore can get anyway...
 The cacti are so pretty in bloom, too.

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