Thursday, July 31, 2014

Colorado 2014 - Alderfer/Three Sisters Park

While we tried to do different things on our trip this year, we did do a few things that we just absolutely love like Castlewood Canyon and Alderfer/Three Sisters Park. This year, we took the Deering kids and the Ginsberg family with us and had a great time.

 The Three Sisters

 This year, we climber to the top of the Brother, which is a little bit away from the Three Sisters and not quite as tall.

 The wildflowers were so pretty.
 Rebecca tried to climb a Sister, but it's not easy to do with a passenger.
 The view from the top of one of the Sisters.
 Olivia and I both made it up.

 Emma was happy to just be out of the carrier and sitting on the rocks.

A wonderful hike on a wonderful day with wonderful friends. That's why we go out there whenever we can. :)

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