Monday, January 7, 2013

Winston-Salem Children's Museum

We bought a Groupon a while back for the Winston-Salem Children's Museum and we needed to use it, so we went this past week. We were impressed with some of the fun things they had for the kids to do.
This was a big are for the kids to crawl around in. It had a bunch of different levels  and kept them busy for  quite some time.
Gabe didn't want to get out to see anything else.
Neither did Olivia.
Eventually we convinced them to come try some other things out. 
This room had these pulleys that let you raise a parachute up to the ceiling where it would come loose and drop back down to the floor.
Even Emma was having a good time.
Ezra loved playing with the giant building blocks.
In the middle, they had a "beanstalk" that the kids could climb up to the next floor.
The second floor had all kinds of neat things for them to play on. Olivia is "fishing" while Gabe is looking for an oar to "row" with.
Nearby, there was a play kitchen. I don't think Ezra would have left this room if I hadn't dragged him out.

Rebecca and Emma relaxed in the giant rocking chair. 
In the next room, they had this awesome setup with clear tubes with air pumps blowing air through them.  You put a scarf in a box and it would travel through the system and come out somewhere else.
You could change with vent the scarves would come out of by turning knobs and moving doors to force the air through different tubes. I think Gabe and Olivia both picked this as their favorite thing of the day.
"L is for Lion." Gabe just finished a week of studying the letter L, so this was appropriate for him.
Emma being a turtle.

Emma holding herself up. This only lasted for as long as it took me to take the picture. :)

The last place we played was a Krispy Kreme factory. 
The kids got to make the "donuts" go along several conveyor belts and then boxed them up and loaded them on a "truck" 
Ezra just liked to carry around a pallet of donuts and would get very upset if anyone took one.
Despite them being plastic, Emma rather enjoyed her donut.
Gabe running the conveyor belt.

Ezra did NOT want to leave when it was time to go.
Everyone had a wonderful time and we would love to go back soon. While Greensboro's museum is nice, I think the variety of activities at the WS one were fantastic.

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