Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy Birthday, Emma!

Our sweet littlest girl turned 1 this week and we had parties, both at home and at Nana and Pop-pop's, where she got to have her first real experience with cake. I must say that the rather enjoyed it once she figured it out.

Rebecca and I tried our hand at making "Baby Block" cakes. I have a new appreciation for shows like Cake Boss and Ace of Cakes...
They may not be professional, but I'm pretty proud of how they turned out.
Emma thought they were pretty, too.
"For me?"
"Hmm...this might be ok..."
"Yup! It's good!"
 It was my first year sharing a birthday with my daughter and, while she got most of the attention, that was ok. :) She's sweeter than I am, so she deserves it more. Besides, I've had many more than she has, so it's old news to me.

It's amazing to me that this year has flown by. Emma is such a joy to our whole family, with her smiles and laugh that she readily shares with each one of us at every opportunity. The other kids, especially Olivia, love to have her around and give her hugs and kisses and she returns the favor by poking them in the eye or ear!

I'll post the pics of the party at Nana and Pop-Pop's later!

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