Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Letter of the Week

We started a new curriculum with Gabe (and sometimes Ezra) called Letter of the Week. It involves a week of activities based around a single letter. Normally, you would start with A and move to Z, but we are doing this in conjunction with Handwriting Without Tears, which teaches the easiest letters to write first. There are lots of little projects each day that are related to the letter that week.

He does a calendar each day.
They match letter tiles to the word on the page

They use tangram shapes to make the letters.
They make the letter shape with his body.

He matches upper and lower case letters. 
He uses a chalkboard from HWT to draw the letter, wipe it with a wet sponge, dry it and draw it again.
We make a lacing card each week to teach fine motor skills along with the letters.
 He really looks forward each day to doing his schoolwork. The curriculum has been a lot of fun for him and gotten him excited about learning. Even Ezra asks to do some of the activities and has a great time doing them.

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