Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy Holidays, Part 3 - The Fenskes

Our final visit this year was with Rebecca's mom's family at the nursing home in Durham where her grandmother is staying. The kids always love visiting there because they have beautiful fish tanks and bird cages that they can watch for hours.

Grandma Jean and Granddad Bill
Olivia with Cousin Sarah
The kids gazing at the beautiful fish.
Emma and Aunt Nancy
Great-Grandma and Emma
Emma had a few smiles for Granddad Bill, too.

Ezra loved sitting in Aunt Nancy's lap

All-in-all, we had wonderful times with all of our families and can see just how truly blessed we are to have all of them in our lives!

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Lacey Grim said...

just spent the day with my grandma today. i love it when 4 generations are together! now that's a blessing...