Thursday, January 31, 2013

Other schoolwork

Olivia and Gabe aren't the only ones who has schoolwork. Ezra gets to do some manual manipulation to build motor skills. He's not always cooperative, but he does enjoy it. We put together a small tub of acitivities for each day of the week, some have specific learning skills and directions, some are for free exploration (but still work on motor skills, color or shape recognition, etc), and some are just for fun. Then we just pull it out and let him play/work with each one on a given day. The idea is to keep him occupied during school time with Gabe and to give him a taste of sitting down to structured activities. Of course, some days he does some of the same things Gabe does. We also don't force him to complete his tub of activities every day, we mostly encourage and build on what he is excited about. We are in the process of creating more activities to add to his bins but don't plan on have to change them out too often. Repetition is good and they are already divided up into 5 tubs.

Three times a week (usually) we do Family Fitness, which is a curriculum that has a bunch of different movement exercises that can be done inside or out. It usually involves stretching, some sort of coordinated movement like skipping or jumping jacks, and then a game like "Jump the River" or "Hoop Dunks." Most of the time, everyone gets involved, though Ezra's attention span is a little short...

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