Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Our Musical Children

The kids have all been taking some form of music instruction this spring. The boys have been going to Kindermusik with Miss Maggie and have had a wonderful time. Ezra sometimes is reluctant to participate, but when he's at home, he is singing the songs and doing the motions that they learned in class, so we know he's picking it up.
this last week marked the end of the spring session and the last class was a family day, so all the kids got to participate. 

Ezra can be particular about which activities he does, but when he picks one, he really has fun with it.

The kids just adore Miss Maggie. 

The great part is that Maggie also does private piano lessons, so we signed Olivia up for lesson at home. She just had her first recital the evening before Irene was born. She was a little nervous at first, but, since she was in the middle of the program, she saw the other kids doing it and had no problem when it was her turn.

She will certainly be continuing her practice and lessons this summer and fall.


Morgan said...

I spy a Rooney girl!

Becca said...

yes, she got to enjoy a few music classes these last few months. she was taping her foot for sure. ;)