Saturday, May 25, 2013

More Irene pictures

Yes, we are going to inundate you all with pictures of the newest little one, probably for a few more days. :)
Mom and Baby are doing great. Waiting on the discharge paperwork to come through so we can take them both home.
She got her first bath yesterday and, not surprisingly, was not a fan. Juana, the tech, called it "going to the spa." :) This was 10+ hours after birth. So nice that the hospital doesn't bathe babies right away and does it right in the room. She only left us for her hearing screen. Nothing else.

Sleeping peacefully. She has spiky hair (Olivia's hair looked like this at birth) and often wears Ezra's "scowl". It's so cute. She is a little peanut...very small, petite features.

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