Wednesday, May 8, 2013

37 Weeks!

Time's getting close!

Guess we should pack our bags soon. It is funny how much relaxed I (Rebecca) feel about that with each additional (but esp this one) baby. But we are trying to take a waterbirth pool and all its accessories with us this time too so it would probably be wise to get prepared soon. I was having warmup/BH type contractions regularily a week and two weeks ago. Then this last week there has only been one or two a day. With my inlaws out of the country enjoying an incredible European vaca, I am rather thankful. I am patient and I can wait a few more weeks for this little one. :)

The best part has been talking to this little one and to play "games" with the baby as he or she moves around my belly still. Baby is definitely still moving around a ton. I think baby started dropping a bit over the weekend but otherwise still is mostly floating high. It is a little like that "wack-a-mole" game chasing this little ones butt and feet and whatever else around the top of my belly. Okay, well, I am not wacking the child per se. :) More like "poke-a-baby". And the baby is certainly active enough at times for Jeremy to get in on the game. This kid has periods where he or she is just all over the place and it is funny to watch and imagine what is going on from the outside.

The hard part is that I am to the point that my sciatic nerves are rather inflammed (pain/numbness down both side all the way to my ankles). I am thankful for yoga, pilates, and other stretching exercies that I have learned. I am also so very thankful for Frankinsence oil. These things have made it all more manageable. The other thing is that my feet really hurt this time around. Maybe because I kept running until a month ago combined with my long shifts as a nurse and having other kiddos to carry around. I was having some swelling issues for a few weeks at the end of April but that seems to have cleared up thankfully. Also, allergies have been rather frustrating. I only really suffer from them when I am pregnant and this has been a rough season. I am thankful for the neti pot, my Breathe essential oil blend, and lots of pillows at night. This week I think the allergies have dropped into my sinuses causing a lot of facial pain. After some extra essential oil treatment in the neti pot and taking Oregano oil to my nose, I think that things are a bit better this morning. Thankfully. Ah, this sweet little parasite in my body certainly does some amazing things to my system. That okay though. really. It is well worth it.

I can not wait to meet this little one and hold him or her in my arms. I am blessed.

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