Friday, May 24, 2013

It's a Girl!

So contractions started yesterday morning when we got up but didn't really get regular. All the same, we started getting ready for Baby #5. We really wanted the baby to hold of until after Olivia's piano recital (post later on that. :) and he/she did! As with the last two, I'll try to keep a running log of what is going on, so check back often.

3:15am - Rebecca woke me up. contractions are about 10 minutes apart, so we need to start getting ready to go in.

3:30 - called the OB to let them know we were in labor. Packing the car.

3:45 - called Mary, our doula, to let her know we were heading into the hospital. It's our first time using a doula and we're pretty excited about having her help. Woke Olivia and got her in the car. Headed to the hospital

4:00 - checking in.

4:30 - In our room. Mary and I are setting up the birthing tub. Rebecca's doing great. Turns out she is 8cm. yes, in that picture where she is smiling. Olivia's asking tons of questions, but being very good for us. Mary is so helpful! She's handling the tub so I can focus on getting other stuff set up for Rebecca. Need to get things rolling so we can do this waterbirth.

4:45 - Tub is about ready. Contractions are steady.

5:00 - Rebecca is in the tub. She said that she could tell right away that being in the water is taking pressure off her back.

5:15 - Mary is rubbing Rebecca's lower back and neck, helping her relax. We are using some essential oils and music to keep things very calm.

5:45 - contractions are progressing. some are slow, some are fast. Rebecca commented that each child has been so different it's hard to tell where she's at with it.

6:00 - Going for a walk around the unit. Keeping Rebecca moving. she's doing great. contractions increasing in intensity.

6:15 - Back in the tub. She's having contractions closer together. Feeling pretty hot and nauseous. she is still quiet and so internal.

6:23 - Rebecca asked me if we should have Daniela (our midwife) break her water. I told her we should just let things happen as they come.

6:25 - Water broke. She is pushing.
6:27 - Irene Abigail is here! It only took 3 pushes.

Rebecca is such a champ. No drama, no fuss. Irene came out with the cord wrapped around her neck twice as well as her arm, but being in the tub made it much more manageable. Irene is very alert and awake. She has her eyes open and is not afraid to let her presence be known. :)

Official Stats: Irene Abigail. 6:27am, 6lbs, 6oz and 17.5 inches long.


Lacey (schoolhousefarm) said...

Beautiful!! Great work!

Sherry said...

Jeremy really does own shirts...honest! LOL...Such a great day for our family! Congratulations! Job well-done! (Now get some rest!)

Dana Butler said...

YAY!! Way to go Rebecca!!! Congrats, guys!!