Sunday, February 5, 2012

Another Week

So I am going to give you another set of pictures that capture some of what we did this week. It is far from all of it. Among other things, I left out all the spills and messes I cleaned up. :) I am getting used to having four kiddos. The days seem to speed by sometimes and creep sometimes. I am sleeping sporadically at night. I feel like I have spent the weeks since Emma was born trying to keep up. All the kids need some individual attention and specific needs met. They are wonderful though. And Jeremy is super supportive. I wouldn't really trade things in the long run. I just hope that I can get a handle on our daily lives a bit more. I get up in the morning and commit each one of us to God. I ask him to direct our days. I ask him to give me patience to train up these little ones he has given me. Yes, I have lost it with them. I tell them I am sorry. I seek forgiveness. I ask God for fresh patience and joy. My mood totally effects them, I can change the tides of our day either direction. I set the tone. I want my home to be a safe and fulfilling place for them. I am a work in progress as they are. I would love it if you would pray for me in that regard. We are so blessed! I am thankful for my family, my home, and our friends. Our family has received more meals this time around than with any other baby. But that has been a wonderful thing. I didn't have to really cook dinner for almost 2 weeks. It was a huge relief to not have to think about planning dinner and having yummy meals. God has been so good to us!

Olivia is playing store. This brought back so many memories since I used to play store and bank as a child.

The boys love playing with their cars. It is one of their favorite activities and they really want me to sit and play with them. It is fun and makes their day.

The above two pictures are from us acting out a rhym about creation and Adam and Eve.

He is walking on the A. He also had to trace over it with a block. There is a lowercase a behind him. So I would have him jump on whichever one I called out to him.

He is on a hunt for As. I "hid" a bunch of papers with the letter Aa on them around the room. He loved finding them. And then hiding them and finding them again. :)

We have been trying to keep going with some schooling for Olivia although it has been mostly just some basics of bible, reading, copywork, and math. I am thankful that she is willing and able to do some things independently. This coming week we venture back into My Father's World. We'll see how it goes. :) I did start using the preschool program, Little Hands to Heaven, with Gabe this week. He loves it. Olivia likes to be involved. I tell her that I used this same curriculum with her and she thinks that is fun. We (Gabe and I) are trying hard to work on following directions and even some pre-writing activities. He asked and yet he gets frustrated really easily. So we are taking that really slow. :)

Emma is growing like a weed. She is more alert--focusing on our faces and her mobile and turning to our voices, esp mine. She is getting better with holding her head up.

Olivia is a HUGE help to me. She asks for things to do to help out. She is willing to drop just about anything when I ask her for help. Thank you for being an amazing big sister, Olivia! I love you! :)

To cap the week off, we went back down to feed the homeless for the first time since  late December. The kids were excited to hand out bananas and even got to eat some donuts, courtesy of Donut World on West Market Street.

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Lacey said...

love your 'A' games! very good ideas. and Emma is growing like a weed!! amazing.