Sunday, February 26, 2012

Book Fun

We spent the week reading "Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear" multiple times. The boys loved the rhyming text and asked for the book over and over. We used some of the ideas in Before Five in a Row (FIAR) curriculum to explore the book a bit more. And thanks to Jolanthe at Homeschool Creations and her creative printables, we did some additional preschool work related to the book. Our activities included discussion of love and family, greetings, playing peek a boo (which Ezra got in on), our American flag, the stars, moon, and sun, and practice with early writing skills, colors, matching, patterns, colors same and different. Gabe's favorite thing was to dress the Bear "paper doll" I made for him. He was made from a brown paper bag and I cut the shirts and shorts out of some scrap fabric. Gabe insisted that his cloths match each time he dressed him. Olivia wanted in on the fun too. The book made them all laugh and laugh. I encouraged Olivia to make up more verses to go with the rhyme (for example, what Jesse Bear might wear if it was snowing or raining) and she really enjoyed that. She also noted and explained to the boys several times that Jesse Bear had bad table manners and that they shouldn't act that way at the table. Thank you, big sister! ;)

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