Sunday, February 12, 2012

Another Week Past? and Emma is One Month Old

Wow, time is flying these days. :)

The kids put on a concert for me:

"Gabe school" : We focused on the letter Bb this week with similar activities as last week. Gabe made a rainbow and we talked about colors more. We also made patterns with the little Aa and Bb papers that we used for our letter hunt. We did not try writing this week but we did draw some circles and color them in. He had a better week with following directions.

Enjoying the Sabbath:

Joining a friend for worship night at her church:

Silly Children:
notice Gabe still at the table... this happens most every day. Olivia has gotten quicker with eating but Gabe certainly takes his time to savor. ;) Maybe I could learn something from him but it does occasionally get frustrating too. :)

he runs around and says, "ye haw!"

The way I look most of the week and how Emma likes to ride (sling or Moby wrap) or be carried:

And she really prefers to sleep in our bed... oh, my...

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