Friday, January 27, 2012

Week in Review

Here are some pictures of the kids this week:

My joyful and so very helpful one! She loves to be funny and cute.
This was his first exposure to finger paint. I missed getting the photo of when he started finger painting his hair green and blue--he got tired of it fast and Emma started crying at that same time.

Gabe playing with puzzles. He is so enthusiastic and really wants my attention and help with things right now.

Well, these are actually from the last two weeks but this just shows you how much Emma has already changed and filled out. She is precious and sweet! Her is starting to have more awake time after certain feedings, mostly in the late afternoon/evening hours. She has had some fussier times the last couple of days but i wouldn't trade it. :)
We went for a walk the other day and were approached by a man with a camera and newspaper badge who wanted to take a picture of Olivia riding her scooter. He said it might or might not be in the paper sometime over the next few days and, sure enough, it was there the very next day on page 2!

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