Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Beach Trip

Yes, we went to the beach in JANUARY (can you say extra windy, cold, and short days?) and with a NEWBORN (1 week old). But my in-laws graciously offered Jeremy work and they offered us a place to stay so we wouldn't be without daddy for the nights he was down there working. It was not crowded. We did get some sunshine and it is a mild winter so far this year. And the ocean is a beautiful part of God's creation and I am blessed that I got to experience it. It has been several years since I have been down to the beach. The kids enjoyed picking up seashells. Olivia loved the clear view of the stars we got at night. And she couldn't believe how big and loud the ocean was. 

The sunrise view from our room.

This is our most adventurous child and here are some wounds he received on the trip to prove it.

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