Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's Baby Time!!!

Ok, we're officially starting the process of bringing Baby 4 into the world! I will be updating this blog every so often, probably once per hour unless something significant happens.

Contractions started at about 3am on the 9th about an hour apart, but they didn't change much until around 3pm. From then on, they got to be more like 30-45 minutes apart. We brought the kids to Nana and Pop-pop's around 6 while Rebecca and Nana went for pedicures. Stayed in Summerfield until around 8:30 and then headed back home. By then, contractions were only 10 minutes apart, but weren't very long. My friend, Jimmy, came over to watch the BCS Championship football game while Rebecca talked on the phone with friends and puttered around on Facebook. After the game, the contractions really started getting more intense and closer together. This is where we'll start the timeline:

1/10/2012 12:30am - Contraction lasted 2 full minutes and was only 5 minutes after the previous. Called Tanya (our midwife) and let her know things were progressing. She said to hang out for a couple hours and see if they subside or progress.

1:30am - Contractions are pretty intense now. Rebecca's having to breath through them. They're varying in spacing between 5 and 10 minutes, but are consistently 1.5 to 2 minutes long.

2:00am - She's nauseous now. Called Tanya and updated her. She said to head on in to the hospital, so we're on our way!

2:30am - at the hospital. checking in.

2:54am - back in triage. 8cm. nurse runs off to call midwife. water just broke. nurse runs back in.

3:05am - wheeling us into the delivery room

3:06am - Rebecca really needs to push! (she is still standing, barely makes it into the bed and sort of sideways) Tanya has not made it to hospital yet.

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ruthsilage said...

God bless you all. We all wait to hear the good news.
Love to you both.
Ruth and Dick