Tuesday, February 1, 2011

YUM! :)

Okay so, let me start this post with a story (or two). When I was a kid and my family celebrated birthdays, there was ALWAYS chocolate cake. Chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Well, when it was my birthday and I was asked what kind of cake I wanted, I must admit that I didn't want chocolate. (Wow, was I a silly kid or what?!) I always wanted a strawberry cake with strawberry icing. :) My grandmother thought I was crazy and said that I must not really be a Baldwin (my maiden name). But alas, they would make me a strawberry cake with strawberry icing. Well, I am happy to report that I have come around, Gma! :) I love chocolate cake! But I am not a purist. For instance I like the favors of chocolate and coffee or chocolate and orange or chocolate and mint. Now a days I prefer dark chocolate.  AND, I still like strawberry. I really like chocolate covered strawberries! JR once worked at a bookstore in the mall. One of his co-workers also worked at the Godiva store. Do you know the store I am talking about? Right in their window, there are almost always chocolate covered strawberries. JR would occasionally get a hold of the leftovers at closing time and bring them home to me. He has also made them for me. What a man! :)

So today I make a cake...

It all started with a container of strawberry icing sitting in my pantry. I am trying to clean it out. I think I had it for a food craft that I once planned for many kids but they didn't all show up so I had a container leftover. I also had a jar of Strawberry All Fruit. Strawberries were on sale last week and I also had a chocolate cake mix. So I created a chocolate strawberry cake. I mean why not? It may not look beautiful but it is yummy. Actually, almost 2 years ago, I took a cake decorating class and I would be ashamed to show this to my teacher. I did not use any of my skills to make this cake. BUT did I mention that it was YUMMY?! :)


Amber said...

Looks so good!! I love strawberries and chocolate or cherries and chocolate. I often put strawberry preserves on my chocolate ice cream. I'll get it any way I can :)

Becca said...

what a good idea Amber--strawberry preserves on chocolate ice cream! i love chocolate and cherry in a latte! actually that was how i learned to drink coffee. Tate st. had/has a iced chocolate cherry latte and you could hardly taste the coffee. now i don't need that but i still enjoy the drink as a treat!