Saturday, February 5, 2011

Paper Crafts

Olivia has been enjoying My Book of Easy Crafts by Kumon. She can do these cut, fold and paste crafts with little to no help. They help her with skills, provide her with lots of entertainment and the opportunity to be creative.

The shoe box is full of them. We definitely had to find a way to store them as they were spread all over her room.

This is probably her favorite at the moment, her spinning rocket

As an aside, I have used the Kumon workbooks frequently. I feel they have been a wonderful supplement to our homeschool. We started with some of the First Steps series a couple years ago to help with her preschool skills (coloring, cutting, folding, mazes, puzzles etc) and most recently we have used the two workbooks on telling time. Olivia really wanted to learn to tell time but was easily frustrated with the concept. The workbooks are step-by-step and have really helped her both in skill and in confidence.

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Amber said...

We LOVE the Kumon crafts books. We have 3 of them and both the kids look forward to it everyday. It is a perfect independent, yet fun and unique craft that they can accomplish in the midst of our regular work. Thank you Kumon for answering every preschoolers daily question- "can i make a craft?". Homeschooling moms thank you :)