Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Good Morning, Popeye

Ezra has a blocked tear duct. Our tear ducts allow tears, along with dust, debris, bacteria, etc to drain out of our eyes and into our noses. We frequently wash out his eye and massage the corner with saline and warm wash cloths. We are certainly hoping that it opens on it own soon. Gabe had the same thing and it opened somewhere around his 10th month. But we find him to be cute after a nights sleep when the eye is stuck shut. He is remains entirely joyful as he isn't the least phased by this issue. Well, of course, that is until we have to clean it or massage it.


Susan said...

Just teach him to say "aargh, Matey!" He can be your little pirate for a while.

Amanda in NC said...

A few drops of breast milk in it will help as well. Been there, done that!