Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Jamestown Settlement and Indian Village

This was probably our favorite day. The things we saw went right along with our recent homeschool studies of early pioneers and indians. Therefore, it seems most applicable to Olivia.

We visited the minaturized Indian village. Olivia got to see a wigwam. She got to try her hand a making tools from bone, scraping animal skins, and pratice her accuracy with a "spear".

Then we went inside for a class similar to yesterday. It was taught by Mrs. M from William and Mary again. This one was on indian life and was just as hands on.

Gabe tried on an animal skin to cammouflage himself for hunting. :)

Next we headed out to the Jamestown Fort. Outside the fort was the riverfront with the three ships, the Susan Constant, the Godspeed, and the Discovery. I must say I can't imagine coming across the Atlantic Ocean in something so small. Those were brave people!

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