Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ezra--4months old

Our littlest one is now 4 moths old. He is very interactive and has a sweet personality. He looks are serious and knowing to a smile that lights up his whole face. He swings his hands around a lot and grabs things that come into his range. He likes to grab his toes. He "chews" on anything he can put into his mouth. He is rolling all over the floor. His siblings can make him smile and laugh easily. He enjoys watching them. Of course, his laugh is so precious, like his smile! He has taken to rolling on his tummy to sleep sometimes. It can make him kinda mad as I think he does it unexpectedly and wakes himself up. He has a big bottom lip (although I haven't been able to catch it in a picture). :) I am not the super sympathetic sort, so I tend to laugh at him while I am comforting him. I guess that's what happens when you are number 3, or maybe I was always that way. :) Thank you, God for blessing us with this sweet child!


Stan and Dana said...

love the tye dye!!!!!!

Becca said...

Dana-thanks so much! thats one of my favorite little onesies! :)