Saturday, September 18, 2010

Colonial Williamsburg, part 3, R. Charlton's Coffeehouse

This was probably Jeremy and I's favorite activity of the day. The kids enjoyed it, too, as you will see. We went into Mr. Charlton's coffeehouse. The tour was interactive. We were taken into the parlor and told about the family and the coffeehouse. I learned that women weren't often patrons of such a place. He told us that beef, mutton and peacock would be on the menu. I was not accustomed to the delicate foods available there as Jeremy was. :) Then were taken into Mr Charlton's office to discuss credit since there was no currency at this time. We were offered credit for a year to allow our crops to grow and be sold. Then we were finally brought into the dining room with Mrs. Charlton so we might sample their imported chocolate. YUM! She was quite the conversationalist. We were served our choice of coffee or chocolate. I took a little chocolate in my coffee. JR had coffee. Olivia had chocolate which she enjoyed but found rather rich after a few sips. Gabe happily finished it off for her. It was all delicious and fun!

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