Thursday, June 8, 2017


North Carolina, and Fort Fisher, specifically, is home to just one coquina formation along the Outer Banks. Coquina is a type of "rock" formation that's actually not rock, but compressed shells.
These huge, flat formations can only been seen at low tide, so while we were at the Fort Fisher Aquarium, we kept an eye on the time and left right when the tide was lowest to come see them.

When you look closely at them, you can see bits of shell embedded in them. This one even had a chunk of coral!
In between them, we found a bunch of loose, broken shells.
They were covered in a kind of sea grass and thousands of tiny clam shells.

Between the road and the beach where the coquina rocks were, there were these very cool trees that grew all together to form a nearly solid canopy, but had little to no foliage below. 
There was an area that was completely overgrown that you could slip into and it was like being in a room made entirely of trees.
It was such a cool couple of things to see while we were there.

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