Thursday, June 1, 2017

Cherry Picking 2017

Cherries are our hands-down favorite of the various pick-your-own fruits that we do each year. One big reason is the place that we go. We head up to Levering Orchard each year and the cherries, trees, and views are spectacular every time we go. The kids love climbing the ladders and it's great because as they are getting older, they're able to pick more on their own. Of course, Emma and Irene still ate far more than they picked, but that's to be expected. It didn't stop them from climbing the ladders, tho. :)

This was our 4th time going (we skipped last year for various reasons) and we picked about 28 lbs of cherries. Olivia then pitted them so that I could can most of them. Surprisingly, we still have canned cherries from our last visit in 2015, so this time, I froze about 10 lbs for smoothies and such.

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